Underfloor Heating

“People love having beautiful stone and tile floors… but they are concerned about them being cold.” Flooring professionals have made this observation for years. Heating large areas of tile and stone with traditional electric radiant heating systems has been considered too expensive, especially in remodel situations. Now, CarbonicHeat film makes heating large areas of tile and stone floors affordable.

In addition to the cost of electric radiant heating products, the cost of their installation is significant and time consuming. First, the heating wires must be buried in thin-set cement and the entire flooring surface must be smoothed flat for proper installation of the tiles. This can require multiple applications of additional thin-set to accomplish. During this process, you cannot walk on the area and must protect the heating wires from the constant danger of being damaged. In a small (30-50 sq.ft.) contained area like a bathroom, installations of electric radiant heat has been popular. However, larger rooms or areas can be problematic for wired electric radiant heating systems.

CarbonicHeat film eliminates these issues and dramatically reduces the overall installation cost, as well as providing a heating product with a lower cost manufacturing technology. The advantages of CarbonicHeat film become greater as the area of installation increases.

• Lower cost of product than heating wire systems• Thin, flat product eliminates need to bury wires in thin-set• The film can be walked on without damage, during the installation cycle• The film does not have the damage risk associated with heating wires

With CarbonicHeat film, large living areas to be heated with a cost of product and installation that is makes economically feasible for barefoot living all year round.

Now, you can have warm floors all over your home, including rooms with carpet and laminate. The benefits of radiant floor heating can be safely achieved under carpet and laminate, although they will not be as great as you would experience with tile and stone floors.


Gently warm your floors even on the coldest days

Envision stepping out of bed, or out of the bath onto warm floors. No more socks or slippers required. Just a soothing warmth that starts at your feet and rises to envelop your whole body. Heating the floor means that instead of your head being hot while your feet are cold, the heat is distributed more evenly. A heating system under your floors lets you live your life closer to the action.


How underfloor heating works

With an electric underfloor heating system, the floor is warmed, the heat rises and the air in the room is heated. Natural convection moves the warm up from the floor toward the ceiling; no fans or motors are required. An underfloor heating system is so quiet and clean you might even forget that it’s there – even when it’s cold outside. Unlike hydronic floor heating systems, you can install an electric floor heating system on top of your existing slab or foundation, making it a great choice when you're remodeling your home. An underfloor heating system won't take up valuable wall or floor space like radiators or baseboard heaters.


Thermostat controlled

An installation of CarbonicHeat™ MultiFloor film uses a Dual Input Thermostat, which provides control from two sensors - one in the floor and one that measures the ambient air temperature. This allows you to control the overall temperature of a room by controlling the temperature of the floor to create the desired room temperature. A programmable thermostat lets you turn the system on and off at set times to save energy costs.

Ultimate zoned heating

Each room on the CarbonicHeat™ MultiFloor film system is controlled by a separate thermostat. This allows you to control the temperature of each area independently. Warm just the floors and the rooms you need with gentle radiant heat - saving on energy costs. And, heat each area to the level desired to keep everyone happy.

CarbonicHeat™ with Carpeted Floors

All radiant floor heating will be more efficient as a room heating source if the flooring has a significant amount of mass. Thus, carpeting is not as good at holding heat as, say, tile flooring.

CarbonicHeat can be safely installed and used under carpeting and carpet tiles and there are two recommendations, should you wish to do so:• First, choose a dense carpeting. As an example, a Berber or thick pile carpeting has a higher mass than a shag carpet, resulting in a better heat retention.• Second, choose an underlayment that is “recommended for use with radiant floor heating” by the manufacturer. These are typically a dense material with a low insulation rating (R value between 0.0 and 0.8). This will improve the performance of the radiant floor heating film.

CarbonicHeat™ with Laminate and Vinyl Floors

It should be noted that these flooring types do not create a high “heat mass” for the radiant heating film and consequently will not be as efficient a heating source for a room, as denser flooring material.



Karbonik Heating Film

Model Name : K1X




Model Name



Rated Voltage



Rated Amp.

0.958~1.120A /M± 10%


Power output

230W /M± 10%



Product Description

  • Size : 80cm  x 100m/1roll.
  • Materials : PET, PE, Carbon, Adhesive, Copper Bars ,Silver
  • Thickness: 325 mm
  • Temperature : Below 60 °C
  • Usage : Underfloor heating, such as under Carpet, wood, vinyl floor covering, tents and Towel Driers.

Karbonik Heating Film (Plane Heater)

Karbonik Heating Films involves the fragmented processes of silk screening printing of the paste on the a PET laminex sheet. This film 
product is highly stable. It is also more resistant to heat and less susceptible to separation from pressure than any other product.





Generating Power

Length(per roll)


230 watts/m








(Order production for other spec except 80cm width)

Product Feature

  • Ideal for installation under any type of floating floor, including laminates.
  • Provides radiant floor heat with a level of comfort that no other heating method can match
  • Benefits the human body by applying for infrared heat
  • No electromagnetic waves emitted from the heating film
  • With its slim design, it is simple to install and ready to use
  • Able to select desired temperature level for your own comfort
  • Small or partial application is possible
  • Extremely energy efficient

Manufacturing Capability

Karbonik is the heating film manufacturer capable of producing film up to 1m in width.

Product Comparison

Heat Resistance Test


Company Product


Product A

Product B

Product C

Melting Point

175°F ~ 212°F
(80°C ~ 100°C)

167°F ~ 194°F
(75°C ~ 90°C)

176°F ~ 203°F
(80°C ~ 95°C)

175°F ~ 212°F
(80°C ~ 100°C)


Adhesive Intensity (Insulating Properties)


Company Product


Product A

Product B

Product C

Intensity Level





A higher intensity level also means higher durability for preventing moisture penetration.